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Price (exc. VAT)
Can be disassembled for transportation in a car
Top speed
Range (max distance on one charge)
Maximum load
4 mph
13 miles
19 st/ 121 kg
No suspension
8 miles
18 st/ 113 kg
11.9 miles
20 st / 129kg
From £959.00
14.9 miles (22 amp)
9.5 miles (14 amp)
Enhanced trye compound, rear coil & front tilt coil
14.4 miles (Lithium Batteries)
20.5 st / 130kg
All round suspension
24 miles
23.6 st / 150kg
Coil Sprung, Front & Rear
34.5 miles
22 st / 140kg
8.8 miles (Lithium Batteries)
18 st / 115kg
No suspension
From £1,650.00
11.6 miles (12Ah Lithium Batteries)
23.4 miles (25Ah Lithium Batteries)
21.4st / 136kg
All round suspension
May require the help of a partner
6 mph
20 miles
21 st / 136kg
No suspension
8 mph
24 miles
Coil spring front and rear
From £1,575.00
Cannot be dis-assembled
25 miles
Front rubber dampers Fixed Rear
27.3 miles
25 st/ 159 kg
Full adjustable Spring/Gas Suspension
35 miles
Front and Rear suspension
(75amp) 25.5 miles
28 st / 180kg
Performance suspension
From £3,395.00
(75amp) 28 miles
32 st / 204kg
Coil spring front and rear

Specifications may change without notice and errors may exist; please also check the manufacturer’s brochure.
Please Note: *The range of the batteries is dependant on rider weight and terrain please check the Technical Specification sheet for more information. We do not guarantee the accuracy of figures and that customers should confirm with the manufacturer. The Turning Radius is not necessarily achieved in one movement.

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