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Rascal 388XL

  • On-road 6mph Class 3 categorisation
  • Narrow 21" width
  • Up to 20 mile range*
  • Luxury reclining fully adjustable seat with headrest
  • Swivel seat for ease of access
  • Turnaround width 2.8 metres / 9'5''
  • 3 months free insurance
* Range capabilities depend upon terrain, temperature, rider weight and battery type

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Rascal 388XL - RED
£995.00 exc.VAT £1,194.00 inc.VAT RRP £3,450.00
Rascal 388XL - BLACK
£995.00 exc.VAT £1,194.00 inc.VAT RRP £3,450.00
Year 1 At Home Labour Warranty for new S
Year 1 At-Home Labour Warranty for new Scooter
Your new scooter already comes with a parts warranty; purchase the optional At-Home labour warranty to provide a callout service free of charge to diagnose and repair problems. Further years may be purchased, see Extended Warranties
£50.00 exc.VAT £60.00 inc.VAT
KEY - Additional pair of keys for Rascal 388S/D/XL, Rascal 450, 650, 850, 889, 888 and some models of 309LE
£9.40 exc.VAT £11.28 inc.VAT RRP £11.27 More Info
Accessory Pack - Scooter Pack
Everything you need every time you leave home.
From £79.95 exc.VAT £95.94 inc.VAT More Info
CANOPY Electric Mobility Scooter Red Can
CANOPY - Electric Mobility Scooter Red Canopy for 388S, 388D, 650, 850, 329LE, 889
High quality scooter canopy with metal tubular frame, canvas-like waterproof material covering with clear vinyl for visibility. Side access "doors" with zips to give maximum all-around weather protection. In hot weather the doors can be zipped up to increase air flow. Height from Floor to Top - 156cm
£475.00 exc.VAT £570.00 inc.VAT RRP £570.00
Tiller Electric Mobility Delta Tiller
Tiller - Electric Mobility Delta Tiller
Designed for people who have diffficulty using thumb controls due to arthritis or stiff joints.
Pre-fitted if purchased with a new scooter. Fits most scooters. (Not the Rascal 889)
£81.25 exc.VAT £97.50 inc.VAT RRP £97.50
BASKET - Electric Mobility Rear basket for 388S, 388D and 388XL
Pre-fitted if purchased with a new scooter.
£65.00 exc.VAT £78.00 inc.VAT RRP £78.00
GEL - Puncture-resistant gel filled tyres option on new scooters (full set of four tyres)
Protect against punctures from glass slivers, nails and thorns. Your tyres will be treated by Electric Mobility at source with a fabric-based liquid resin which self-seals minor punctures. This will not give you 100% puncture proofing, but will protect you most of the time from the majority of punctures.
£21.95 exc.VAT £26.34 inc.VAT
MIRROR - Bar End Rear View Mirror for Rascal 388 series
Please mention the model of scooter in the note section during checkout. To self-install, simply pop out the plug from the end of the handlebars, insert and tighten with a spanner or allen key. Fits either side of handle bars.
£15.88 exc.VAT £19.06 inc.VAT RRP £19.06
HOLDER Electric Mobility Crutch Holder
HOLDER - Electric Mobility Crutch Holder
Suitable for the Rascal 388XL.
Pre-fitted if purchased with a new scooter.  
£53.50 exc.VAT £64.20 inc.VAT
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